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Who are you actually feeding?

It is fascinating the lengths we will go to allow ourselves to eat poorly. I mean, really? We have all the excuses. Not only do we justify poor dietary choices by deciding that we are too busy, or we somehow deserve to eat that piece of cake, but we often will do the exact opposite when it comes to our family members. Do you notice that your kids eat healthier than you do? Or do you find that putting forth the effort to make a salad seems like too much on a daily basis, but if you have friends over or need to bring something to a potluck, you suddenly find it easier to create something nutritious? are not alone. I actually think this may be universal. But let's talk for a minute about how our choices impact our health and the health of our families.

First off, keep in mind that when you feed yourself, you aren't actually just feeding yourself. You are feeding your microbiome. That's right. Those tiny bacteria that live inside of you are constantly eating up your food. The thing is, with the right mixture of nutritious foods, your microbiome turns those nutrients into the factors you need to lower inflammation, balance your hormones, and even keep your weight in a healthy range. Unfortunately, if you feed your microbiome junk (for lack of a better word), you start to shift the balance from healthy bacteria to unhealthy bacteria. The same way that a car can't run well without the proper mixture of fuel, your body can't either. So when you eat poorly over time, your microbiome shifts to one that produces more inflammatory by-products. This impacts your immune system, energy production, and much more. If you notice bloating or discomfort after meals, or sluggishness or brain fog in general, this could very well be a major factor for you.

The good news is that this state of being is not a permanent. Shifting your diet to include a rainbow variety of fruits and vegetables and a lower amount of processed food, especially sugar can start you off on the right foot. And while you are doing this, your family will see you putting yourself first and be inspired to follow suit. The first step is deciding that you are worth the effort. Meal prep can be tricky to start, but with practice and perseverance, you will find that the effort pays off. Not sure where to start? We need to work together.

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