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Start Your Day On Your Terms

How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Do you start your day on your own terms? Or do you let it get hijacked by others?

Most people start their day by looking at their phones. Am I right? When we do that, we are almost immediately bombarded by notifications, texts, emails, etc. As soon as those items start flying through our brains, we have a hard time holding on to our own priorities.

What if you gave yourself an hour of phone free, news free time in the morning to think about your own priorities.

What is your intention for this day? How can you work to hold onto that today? By giving yourself this gift, you put other peoples’ agenda items on hold long enough to set your own course. Then, when those emails, texts, etc. start flying (which they will still do, of course!) you have a better chance of analyzing if those things fit into your day. Do they align with the intentions you set this morning? Or can they wait?

Starting a morning practice or shifting your routine can certainly be difficult. You might start by just taking 5 minutes to set an intention for the day. Write it down. See how it feels. You will likely find that you feel a bit more grounded and focused. What happens if you extend to 30 minutes? You see where I’m going with this.

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