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What is Functional Medicine?

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Functional Medicine uses our bodies' natural mechanisms to restore health and wellbeing.  When we have a disease, it is a sign that something in our body has malfunctioned. The disease causes symptoms that let us know something bigger is wrong.

In functional medicine, we look for the reason the disease occurred instead of solely treating symptoms.  Our bodies are amazing, and if we support them with the right nutrients, movement, and general balance, often we can allow for health and healing.

A great example of the difference between functional and conventional medicine would be in how to treat a skin rash.  If you develop a rash and go to see your traditional doctor, you may leave with a cream of some sort to treat the rash. 
In the functional medicine world, we will break down everything from environmental exposures, stress, sleep, food exposures, autoimmune tendencies and much more to determine why the rash developed in the first place. 
That doesn't mean that the cream is not helpful.  In fact, sometimes both approaches can work very well together.  If we find the underlying cause, we can prevent future rashes and limit how much additional medication you need in the future.

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At Steamboat Functional Medicine, we blend both worlds.  We will work together to reduce symptoms while also trying to identify the root cause.  This is not always a fast process, but it is incredibly rewarding.   

When you understand better how your body works and what your specific triggers are, you have the power to live your best life.

What Is Functional Medicine?: Resources and Tips
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